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Refund and Setup Policy


We offer no refund for purchased items. If a market is, for some given reason, not living up to your expectations, you are welcome to email a refund request to and we shall see what we can do.

We do NOT issue refunds for:

  • Late setup or no-show
  • Not having any sales at the market


When you place a booking online, you are being allocated a specific location for your stand. Please note the number and find a representative at the event, that can show you to your stand.

If you have booked a stand with a table, we will provide table, tablecloth and a chair. If you have booked a stand with a rack, you must bring your own rack and we will provide you with a chair.

Your stand must be representable and neat. Please bring your boxes etc. under the table and/or away from your stand.

Late or no-show

Once the market has started, we do not allow any vendors to setup nor make a refund. Please make sure that you are on time and are ready with your stand once the market opens its doors.

Need help?

We are always present at our markets, so please feel free to get in touch with us, or email us at or call Felix directly at a given market at +971 52 197 4633.

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